Complete Flexibility

Whether you are a Sole Trader or Limited Company, Abacus Jack provides flexible and affordable bookkeeping services to support your business. 

How can we help?

Every business is different, as is every business owner.  We can either manage all of your bookkeeping for you, or you can pick and choose which elements of bookkeeping you need help with.

All of our services provide unlimited support and we never charge extra for advice.  You can change or cancel your services at any time without penalty. We believe in total transparency when it comes to how much our services cost. Our prices are all set out on the pricing page

Basic Bookkeeping Service

Our basic bookkeeping package is designed for businesses who want to keep their costs low, and who are therefore happy to undertake some aspects of bookkeeping themselves.

How Hi-Tech do you want to be?

Depending on your appetite for technology you can either fill out our simple "Money In vs. Money Out" spreadsheet, and email it to us each month along with your receipts, or you if you would like to use something a little more powerful, and have a liking for technology you can manage all aspects of your bookkeeping using award winning FreeAgent software. You will have access to your own Free Agent Online Bookkeeping account, allowing you manage the day to day administration of your business, with our guidance and help whenever you need it.

Spreadsheets vs Software?

Spreadsheets are OK if you have a very simple business.  All you need to do is record how much the business spends (expenses) and how much the business makes (sales).  We can do the rest for you and ensure you pay the right amount of tax at the right time.

Bookkeeping software offers a lot more in terms of tools, controls and features for running a business.  Some of the features of our online bookkeeping software are as follows:

  • Your data is available 24/7 on any device. No need to install anything, the software is fully cloud based meaning your data is accessible, secure, and always backed up.
  • Manage your clients, contacts and projects.
  • Produce and send estimates and invoices, including an online payment facility to get paid faster or by direct debit.
  • Manage expenses and receipts - digitally. 
  • Connect directly to your bank accounts to see a real time view of transactions and automatically reconcile transactions on a daily basis.
  • View real time Profit and Loss, and tax forecasts
  • Manage Pay and Dividends across your business


Basic Bookkeeping is a pay monthly service and costs £19 per month for Sole Traders or £29 per month for Limited Companies, excluding VAT. See our pricing page for more information


Outsourced Bookkeeping Service

Clients who have more established businesses, or very busy businesses often do not want the burden of managing their bookkeeping or accounts, instead preferring to concentrate on running their business.  For an hourly fee, we can manage all aspects of your bookkeeping. This service includes the following:

  • For each of your clients and projects, we can produce and send estimates and invoices on your behalf
  • We can set up and administer facilities for your clients to pay you online or via direct debit
  • We give you access to our online system to submit your receipts online and we will manage your expenses.
  • Send us your bills and invoices and we manage your supplier payments.
  • Bank reconciliation - no need to send us bank statements, our software will integrate directly with your business bank account allowing us to reconcile your business banking transactions.
  • We ensure you know which taxes are due and when.
  • We provide regular reports summarising your books, which we discuss with you.


Outsourced Bookkeeping is charged at £20 per hour plus VAT.  There is no such thing as a typical company, but we would estimate that most small businesses tend to require between 4 and 6 hours a month.

Add On Services

We offer a range of additional services such as Payroll, VAT returns, Monthly Reports, End of Year Accounts, and Self Assessment Tax Returns

See our pricing page for costs

Do you already have an accountant?

Some of our clients stay with their existing accountants and simply buy our Bookkeeping Package, which combines a Free Agent account with our unlimited support.  This lets you manage your day to day business finances and administration.  We simply produce the necessary reports which your accountant will need in order to prepare your end of year accounts, tax return and submissions. Alternatively we can also add your chosen accountant as a user of your software which allows them access to your business data in real time.

Are you looking for an accountant?

Abacus Jack is a bookkeeping service and not a chartered accountancy.  We will prepare and file accounts for Micro Entity businesses (Turnover <£650k).  If your business turnover is higher than £650k you may require the services of a Chartered Accountant.  If this is the case we can put you in touch with one of our partner accountants.