Complete Flexibility

Bookkeeping Services

£20 per hour (+ VAT)

Simple, affordable and compliant bookkeeping

How can we help?

Whether you are a Sole Trader or Limited Company, Abacus Jack provides flexible and affordable bookkeeping services to support your business. 

Every business is different, as is every business owner.  We can either manage all of your bookkeeping for you, or you can pick and choose which elements of bookkeeping you need help with.

Simple fee structure. Outstanding service. 

Our flexible bookkeeping services are charged at a flat rate of £20 per hour (+ VAT).  That's it: nothing hidden, nothing extra, no contracts, no minimum period, no cancellation charges.

What we provide

Simply choose which aspects of bookkeeping you need support with:

  • Small business start up services for Self Employed or Limited Companies, including Company Formation.

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Client Invoicing

  • Expenses and Payments

  • Payroll

  • VAT

  • Self Assessment Personal Tax returns (fixed fee - click here for details)

How much support do you need?

There is no such thing as a typical business, but to give an indication some clients require as little as 2 hour's support a week, some as much as 1 day a week.  By allowing you complete flexibility you can increase or decrease the level of support you need as often as you need to.

How Hi-Tech do you want to be?

Depending on your appetite for technology you can either fill out our simple "Money In vs. Money Out" spreadsheet, and email it to us each month along with your receipts, or you if you would like to use something a little more powerful, and have a liking for technology you can manage all aspects of your bookkeeping using award winning FreeAgent software. You will have access to your own Free Agent Online Bookkeeping account, allowing you manage the day to day administration of your business, with our guidance and help whenever you need it. Watch this 1 min video to see how it works.

Spreadsheets vs Software?

Spreadsheets are OK if you have a very simple business.  All you need to do is record how much the business spends (expenses) and how much the business makes (sales).  We can do the rest for you and ensure you pay the right amount of tax at the right time.

Bookkeeping software offers a lot more in terms of tools, controls and features for running a business.  Some of the features of our online bookkeeping software are as follows:

  • Your data is available 24/7 on any device. No need to install anything, the software is fully cloud based meaning your data is accessible, secure, and always backed up.

  • Manage your clients, contacts and projects.

  • Produce and send estimates and invoices, including an online payment facility to get paid faster or by direct debit.

  • Manage expenses and receipts - digitally.

  • Connect directly to your bank accounts to see a real time view of transactions and automatically reconcile transactions on a daily basis.

  • View real time Profit and Loss, and tax forecasts

  • Manage Pay and Dividends across your business

What are the benefits of using a bookkeeper?

  • Your business will be compliant with HMRC legislation, including the up and coming Making Tax Digital initiatives, which HMRC will begin to implement from 2017.

  • Your will always know how much money is coming in and going out of your business - your online account connects directly to your bank account and shows you a real time view of your income, expenditure, and profit / loss.

  • You will know which taxes are due, how much, and when - your online account shows you a tax timeline and with our support we will ensure you never miss tax deadlines.

  • Smarter invoicing. Start invoicing customers electronically, including the ability for your customers to pay you online, by card, or by direct debit, ensuring you receive payments more quickly.

  • Use your online account to manage your client database and your projects.

  • Record expenses and mileage on the go, including scanning and uploading receipts from your phone.

  • Manage pay and dividends across your business.

  • Remove the worry and burden HMRC compliance with our support services for VAT, Payroll, and end of year accounting.