2019: Out of chaos comes opportunity

A Happy New Year to all our customers and followers

2019 is set to be an exciting and game-changing year. There is uncertainty around Brexit and how that will effect UK businesses who trade with the EU - more on this later. Next up, in April we will see the introduction of HMRC’s Making Tax Digital legislation; the first of a long journey of changes that will digitise the tax system and change the way businesses and individuals record, report and pay their taxes. April will be all about VAT, with business having to start submitting their VAT returns via a new all encompassing digital service. We will blog more about Making Tax Digital and the specific VAT changes over the next few weeks and months, but for now you can read all about it here .

To lead an orchestra, you have to turn your back on the crowd: Be accepting of change and create opportunity

Change is now a constant, rather than a cycle which affects our lives. It is also something that we largely have very little control over, particularly regulatory or legislative change. The old saying ‘Fortune favours the brave’ is never more true than it is now. If businesses can adapt their processes, culture and technology then there is no reason why change can not be turned into revenue and growth.

Don’t start a business to make money. Start a business to do something you enjoy, and do it better and cheaper than anyone else. If you succeed in that, the profit will be a natural by-product.

Simpler, more affordable services

For us personally, Abacus Jack has restructured its services and fees to be simpler, more transparent, and easier to understand. As a new or existing client you can sign up to an all inclusive package that manages all aspects of your business finances and accounts, or you can just choose one off services to suit your needs.

All inclusive services

Contractors and Owner Managed Ltd Companies

Sole Traders and Partnerships

Virtual Finance Department

One off Services

Business Start Up Service

End of Year Accounts

Managed Payroll Services

Personal Self Assessment Tax Return