Digital Strategy Services

We are as much a technology company as we are an bookkeeping practice. Our own business is built on an entirely digital model and as such we have very low operating costs, enabling us to pass these savings directly onto you.

Having the right technology behind your business is key to its success. Technology has to add value and not create extra burden or cost the earth - it can be a difficult balance to get right.

All our packages include an annual Digital Strategy Review, at no extra cost. 

 Whatever your business, we can advise how technology can save you time and money, and add measurable to your day to day activities

Whatever your business, we can advise how technology can save you time and money, and add measurable to your day to day activities

Understanding your needs - As part of the Business Technology Review we look at what your company does - we talk to you to understand your short term and longer term vision, and your appetite for technology. What do you want from technology?

Technology Appraisal - We will review your existing technology solutions, how much they cost and the value they add.

Technology Road Map - We will review  / recommend potential new technology solutions and provide a cost / benefit analysis showing how these solutions can add real value to your business.

Benefits of a Digital Strategy Review

Here is a description of the types of things we will look at and advise you on as part of a Digital Strategy Review - all at no extra cost

Computer equipment - Businesses need computers. But with so much hardware to choose from, what is the right choice for your business. We taken into account what you need from your computers / devices, your budget, and recommend the best solutions. Mobile computing does have to mean expensive tablets or ultra small laptops. For example a simple tablet can cost as little as £50 and will provide you with mobile access to email, web, contacts, diary, and of course your Abacus Jack online accounting portal!


Data Security - if you hold any customer data electronically you will need to be very careful how that data is stored, secured and backed up. Depending on the nature of data your business gathers we can advise the best way of ensuring your customer data is always accessible, always secure, and not at risk of attack.  At Abacus Jack our customer data is stored within a datacentre in Edinburgh which used to be a nuclear bunker - we think it is quite safe in there!


Websites and Hosting - it goes without saying that all businesses want to have a high impact 'shop window' to tell the world what they do, why they are better than the next guy, and how to get in contact.  Producing high impact websites does not need to cost the earth or require in depth technical ability. Depending on your requirements and level of confidence we can recommend a variety of solutions for getting your website up and running within days, with typical hosting costs around £20 a month.


Telephony - Even nowadays customers still want to speak to people and therefore you need to consider how you will be available to your customers via the phone. This can be particularly challenging for small businesses who can not afford dedicated receptionists or call centre staff. We can advise on a range of telephony equipment and telephony answering services to ensure your business portrays a professional image and is contactable even when you are too busy to answer the phone.


Social Media Campaigning - being confident managing social media content and campaigns is key to any marketing strategy. Too much use of social media dilutes its impact, yet not enough is missed opportunity. We advise on how to set up social media accounts, the differences between channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs, through to how to post, track and monitor responses. This would all be included as part of your annual business technology review.


Targeted Email Marketing - Ever wondered how you send those high impact, colourful emails marketing your product and services? And how to track who has opened them, who has deleted them, who has clicked on the links, or who has unsubscribed. These services can cost very little to set up, in fact many are free, yet provide an extremely effective way of marketing your business especially to your existing customer base.

Should you want to take our advice and start to implement / set up new aspects of technology we can provide  implementation and support options (charged on a case by base basis).